Below you can find a visual overview of some of my work or alternatively you can download my Résumé in PDF, RTF, ODT or DOCX format.


As CEO of UYU Games, I also lead roles as CTO, producer, visual designer, UI, UX design and more. UYU Games is a small startup independent development team that are working to create fun games for mobile.

TapDJ™ EDM is UYU Games first game release, an exciting rhythm game that allows users to play along to fast paced EDM music, compete with their friends, collect albums and more. Players recieve daily rewards and can play the game for free via incentivized adverts or even purchase music and plays. TapDJ™ EDM quickly shot to top 5 positions in the Android New Music Game charts and acheived more than 5k downloads in its first few weeks in the Google Play store.


As Senior Developer at Gamebase Co.,Ltd. Korea, I oversee the continued development of the Gamebryo engine including platform integrations, Gamebryo core feature development, code reviews, maintenance, remote liaison with upper management and research & development.

Gamebryo provides advanced 3D technology to game industry leaders such as EA, Disney Interactive Studios, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Rockstar, Capcom, NCSoft, Tencent, Eidos and Sony Entertainment. Gamebryo enables real-time 3D graphic visualization to create some of the most advanced 3D gaming experiences for PC and consoles, such as; Civilization IV, Civilization Revolution, Divinity II, Epic Mickey, Epic Mickey 2, Fallout 3, Ragnarok Online II: Legend of the Second, Rocksmith, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and many others.


Zest3D is a personal project to produce the fastest in class 3D engine for Adobe Flash and Air. The project is free and open source and provides high performance 3D graphics on the GPU via Stage3D. The engine supports many advanced features such as a hierarchical scenegraph, shader effects, view culling, billboards, procedural primitives, model imports, physics, multitype textures and much more.

Away3D JS

As a core team member of the Away Foundation, I had the opportunity to port the existing Away3D codebase to TypeScript and WebGL. The project involved two developers, myself and Karim Beyrouti of Together we ported the main codebase from AS3 to TypeScript, whilst my focus was on integrating an AGAL to GLSL compiler, reverse engineering packages from Adobe Flash and simulating the Stage3D API to defer calls to WebGL.


Recce is an advanced, cloud based, streaming, 3D mapping solution which provides global based mapping with beautiful visualizations, weather models, position tracking, poi, nav animation, multiple level of detail algorithms etc. Recce provides an amazing usability experience that is unsurpassed by any other mapping solutions.

Star Star

With addictive and fun gameplay, Star Star is UYU Game Studios concept game product for Android, iOS, SmartTV, Ouya and Facebook. The game was developed to showcase the cross-platform GPU capabilities of Adobe Air and to create investor interest in the startup game studio.


As well as technical consultancy and support, Plugin.IO offer website services. There are a number of web projects that I have developed for clients including Google (which is currently under NDA).

GTech G2

As lead developer at GTech Surrey (Formerly Dynamite Idea), I led a team of developers that created frontend applications for leading bluechip gaming providers. Our clients included Bwin, Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Skybet,, Betfair, MeccaGames, Blue Square and Paddy Power amongst many others. Whilst I developed the underlying framework which powered many of the games, below are a small selection of games that I developed or integrated during my time at GTech.


DESQ are the UKs leading supplies of eLearning materials. With clients such as the BBC, Asda, LSIS, FSA and Nissan etc, DESQ are receivers of Best Interactive BAFTA award. During my time at DESQ, I worked exclusivly on products for the QIA (Quality Improvements Agency). I developed the Creative Village application which presented video, audio and text resources using my early ActionScript 3D engine which was pioneering work at the time.